Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Writers done, judges get to work...

The entry submissions period has closed with 65 total stories entered:  33 for 8000 Suns, 22 for Day in the Life, and 10 for Swear & Curse.  Well done writers!  A couple of observations so far:
-There was a small rush of entries at the end, but not a huge flood.  Mostly by people who didn't find out about the contest until late.
-Some people used all 5,000 available words, but many were able to tell there stories in 2,000-3,000 words.
-There's really a wide variety of stories and styles in this group of entries.
-Some stuff I've read so far is very, very good.   

Now on to the judging.  The question everyone probably wants to ask-- when will results be announced?  To be honest, at this point it's hard to guess.  It will depend on when four individual judges are each able to read and score all 65 stories.  For now, I'll just say that we're on it and judging is in progress.  I'll post updates/timeframe estimates here along the way.

Writers, while you're waiting, read, study and enjoy the stories entered this year.  Comment and give your fellow writers some feedback.  Or at least let them know that their story was read by someone.  Writers don't want their work to just sit in some lonely corner of the internet.  They want someone to read it and tell them how they did, right?

Thanks for the stories writers!  Again, watch here for updates on the judging.

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