Friday, January 4, 2013

Notes to Contest Winners and All Entrants

Contest winners, some notes:
-The sponsors have been notified of the winners and the prize amounts.  For ISK prizes, half of the amount will come from Somer Blink and half from EVE Online Hold'Em.  So if you get just half of what you were expecting, hang tight.  The other half will come from a different source.
 -If you don't hear from the appropriate prize sponsors (CCP, EON, EVE Online Hold'Em or Somer Blink) within about a week, let me know.  (The PLEX prizes will be coming from EVE Online Hold'Em, though EOH Tom donated them).
-I'll be sending you some digital award certificates.  Basically, images stating the prize your story won in the contest.  To add to your blog, display beside the story, or whatever.
-Consider sending your prize-donor sponsor(s) a thank you.  So maybe they'll sponsor another good event for us...!  

To everybody:
-If you EVE mailed me for feedback on your story, I'll respond as soon as I can.  Looking forward to giving back some comments.  You guys do the same for me some day when I write something.  :]
-We're not done yet.  I want to write up some thoughts about the trends among the entries.  And as always, give each other some feedback as well.  Let's stay in touch and keep the momentum up.



  1. I wrote a blogpost with my own thoughts about the contest and a personal list of contender I would have chosen. I would hope that they could get some extra readers because of that and feel motivated to carry on.


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