Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cryptic Update Interface

Just checking in to say pretty much the same as last time-- not yet, but progressing.  Some ideas for useful use of time while you're waiting:

+Check out the Reading Bank.  All kinds of stuff there, by writers who were at it long before this contest was even a twinkle in the EVE fiction community's eye.  Series with continuity of characters and events, from episode to episode.  Longer works and free-er works, made minus any restrictions whatsoever.  Check out the ideas and leave some honest comments for your colleagues.  Even if you hold their feet to the fire, they'll appreciate that somebody read and dialogued with them.  And if they don't-- they better get used to it if they want to write...!

+Check out the blogs and websites for the contest entries.  Layouts, illustrations, content links, all of it.  Maybe some ideas to borrow for your own site.  Which leads to....

+Get your own blog or website up and going.  The display rack for your next fiction work.  Or don't leave it at just that-- your OOC thoughts, multimedia galleries of good stuff from wherever you see it, whatever.

+Outline the next story.  Draft stream-of-consciousness passages.  Or craft a watertight launchable new story.  Any work done is work done, and that's never wasted, right?

As always, we'll let you know as soon as we have news on the judging.


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  1. Thank you for the promotion. I really would love to read critical comments on my stories so I can improve as a writer. I understand it is difficult to read long texts on a screen (I try to keep my episodes to 2-3 pages because of that) and fiction is not a mainstream interest in EVE, but I sincerely hope I can add to the expansion of the gaming experience for some by providing them with something to read.


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