Monday, December 3, 2012

Contest Submissions Period Ended

Hello, we've reached December 2, so the contest submission period has ended.  The writers of EVE have produced 101 new stories.  Of those, about 45% came in in the last two days before contest close.  Congratulations writers, you got it done.  "Deadline, be not proud..."  

Next step:  Judging.  Regrettably but honestly, I expect the judging might take a few weeks.  Almost half of the contest entries came in during the last two days before the contest closed.  So we judges got a surprise reading assignment-- maybe 350 additional pages of reading to do.  And Dec. 4 is the Retribution release, which will mean additional busy-ness for our judges CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon.  So, to be realistic, we'd better say announcing the contest winners is a few weeks off.  We'll be posting updates on the EVE forums and here, as we get a better idea of the timing.

If you didn't get your story done in time for this contest, you might want to polish it up and keep it on your hard drive.  Considering the response this contest got, I'm going to guess that someone somewhere will organize another one before too long. 

Well done writers-- about 750-800 pages of new EVE fiction produced!  While you're waiting for the winners to be announced, check out the contest entry stories and leave your fellow writers some feedback.  o7

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