Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Check Your Entry

I posted this on the EVE forums thread, but neglected to post here.  If you entered a story in the competition, please:
-Make sure it appears on the contest entries page.  If it's not there, it's not on the list and won't be judged.  Just EVEmail and let me know I didn't link your story.
-Make sure your story is in the category you wanted  (8,000 Suns in New Eden or A Day in the Life)
-Click the link to your story and make sure it works.

Our estimate on when judging will be done is still an imprecise "a few weeks."  I'm enjoying reading stories, but our CCP judges may be plenty busy with the Retribution release.  Speaking of which, it's out today, time to check it out a bit.  :]

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