Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pod and Planet Fiction Contest Open

We have some talented writers in EVE, and it's been a while since we've had a full-scale EVE fiction contest.  So here goes.  This contest will have two categories.  One will be for stories focused on the EVE lore and canon.  The other will focus on player characters or in-game events.  Thanks to some suprises by some outrageously generous sponsors, we have some very nice prizes for the winners:
-An Nvidia EVGA Superclocked GeForce GTX670 graphics card, courtesy of CCP.  (I'll let you look up the value of that yourself....)  Thanks CCP, CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon!
-Two year-long subscriptions to EON.  Many thanks, Zapatero! 
-A prize pool totalling 20 billion ISK, thanks to our fine patrons of the arts Somer Blink and EVE Online Hold'Em.  (We were only looking for about 3 bil...!)  And...
-Twelve months of PLEX, donated by EOH Tom, Huge Fan of Fan Fiction

And also, if a work is very, very good, it might be considered for publication in EON

The contest

The first category:
Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden Stories of the citizens and societies of New Eden:  crowded cities and lonely outposts; fertile planets and busy stations; penthouses and peasant shacks; the immediate present, or the deep, distant past.  
This category is for fan chronicles set within the official canon of New Eden, similar to the EVE prime fiction chronicles.  Works in this category should conform to the official EVE official lore.  We don't expect everybody to be experts in every detail of the lore.  But the story shouldn't have an egregious deviatiations from the New Eden world.  Zapatero's EVE forums post about submissions to EON will give you a sense of what's acceptable.

The story can be about baseliners or about capsuleers, but it cannot mention an in-game player character, corp or alliance.  If writers want to write about their player characters or real in-game events, they should change the name and make sure the setting fits into the lore. 

The bigger prizes will be in this canon-focused category.  Because the body of lore in the Chronicles and EVElopedia is rich, detailed, and huge.  It's like a whole Middle Earth or Hyborian Age in space, and it deserves more exploring.  (Mark726 has kindly linked his EVE lore guide, which writers might find useful as a resource).  The prizes are also bigger in this category because writing within the canon requires extra care, knowledge, and/or research.  Finally, we expect more entries in this category and stiffer competition, so the prizes should be proportionally bigger.
Submissions to this category may be considered for publication in EON.  Again, please see Zapatero’s EVE forums post for guidelines on what’s suitable for EON.  The guidelines for the lore-based contest category described below should fit into the EON guidelines.   But I'd recommend that you still review Zapatero's post.  

The second category:
A Day in the Life – True, somewhat true, or made-up tales of player character miners, mission runners, manufacturers, pirates, scammers, spies, and other heroes, rogues, and opportunists of EVE. 

Stories in this category can be about actual in-game events.  You can mention player characters, corps, alliances, real in-game events, or "player-driven content."  Works will not be penalized for ignorance of or non-adherence to the official lore and canon.  If you want to write a story about your corp and its members, a stroke of pvp tactical brilliance, a corp infiltration, a hulkageddon encounter,  etc., it should go here.  But note:  Stories in this category almost certainly won't meet the guidelines for consideration by EON.

Pod and Planet Contest Grand Prize (best canon-faithful work) - EVGA Superclocked GeForce GTX670 graphics card + 12 months of PLEX + 4 billion ISK

8,000 Suns category
1st Prize A year-long subscription to EON + 3 billion ISK
2nd Prize (there will be two of 2nd Prize winners) –2 billion ISK per winner
3rd Prize (there will be three of these) - 1 billion ISK per winner

A Day in the Life category
1st Prize –  A year-long subscription to EON + 2 billion ISK
2nd Prize (there will be two of these) - 1 billion ISK per winner
3rd Prize (there will be two of these also) - 500 million ISK per winner
Honorable Mention (four of these, for stories from either category) - 250 million ISK per winner

-The deadline for submissions is December 2, 2012.  (Entries must be received by December 2, 11:59:59 PM EVE time).  
-Works for the 8,000 Suns category should be 1,400-5,000 words long.  If you want to go outside that range, we’ll list your story here for everyone to read, but it can’t be considered in the competition.  
-Works for the A Day in the Life category should be from 600-5,000 words long.  Again, works outside that range can't be considered for the competition, but we can list them in the reading library.  
-The work must be your own, of course.
-The work should not have been posted or published before.  This includes on a corp website, private message board, or anywhere else.  Sorry, to be fair to everyone we have to make a bright-line, no exceptions rule.  Basically, the work should be a new work written after the contest opened on October 24.  If it's an older work, we're very happy to link it for everyone to read, but we can't enter it in the competition. 
-You can submit more than one work, as long as each one complies with the rules above.
-A work can only be entered in one category.  In other words, the same story can't be entered in both 8,000 Suns and A Day in the Life.
-In the A Day in the Life Category, works should avoid making being overly inflammatory or saying false statements about EVE players/in-game entities.  Just use some common sense and your entry should be OK. 
-Final judging will be by myself (Telegram Sam), CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon.
-A note:  Entries have to be in English, just because that's a language that most in the community can read.  But if English isn't your first language, don't be shy.  A story doesn't have to be in perfect grammatical English to be good.   

How to Submit Your Work
1) Post your story on a blog site or website.  You can find some free hosting sites via a quick internet search.  The URL will be shared with the public, so that everybody can read your work.  Don’t post in a password-protected place, or of course in any place that you want to keep private.
2) Send Telegram Sam an in-game or EVE Gate mail that:
     -Provides a link to the where the work is posted; 
     -Indicates which category the entry is for; and
     -States whether has been posted or published before. 
If you want to add illustrations to your posting, so much the better.  However, illustrations will not affect the judging of the fiction piece.  

As stories come in, we'll be posting the links to them here.  Check back often to see what the writers of EVEdom are producing.  Any questions about the contest, message Telegram Sam through EVE Gate or in-game.  Or just post your question on the contest announcement thread in the EVE forums.

The contest entries received so far are here.  Check them out for some EVE and New Eden reading.  If you have an entry accepted to contest, check and make sure it's listed on the entries page.

Again, thanks to CCP, EON, Somer Blink, EVE Online Hold'Em, and EOH Tom for the prizes to the writers.  Thanks also to CCP Eterne, CCP Falcon, and labtechwar for donating their time and expert services.  

Good luck, writers!  May your muses be with you, may your space-outs take you deep, and may you hit your zone!  : )


  1. Well, I'll certainly be writing.

    Thanks for opening it up for mulitple entries by the same person.

    I have two quite good canon-compatible storylines lying around.

  2. Telegram Sam, My eve account is no longer active, yet I wish to participate in this contest, I cannot send you an eve gate or ingame mail. Can I create a blog, and post the link here?

  3. Sorry, the prizes are mostly in-game items, so the competitors need to have active accounts. We can link your work for people to read though (as non-competition entries).


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